This page lists some of our actions in the past year.

06/07/2022 Maastricht Coalition Agreement 2022-2026

Following the municipal council elections of 16 March 2022 and the subsequent information phase, the parties SPM, D66, CDA, PvdA, PVM, VVD and Volt entered into talks to draw up an agreement for the course of the municipality during the next four years, including the members of the municipal executive to be appointed. The results of these talks are presented in the current document.


MSU's input has also been included in the form of policy evaluations, numerous documents and interviews and are proud of our continued effort for all students of Maastricht.

Full Coalition Agreement in English:

16/06/2022 The Class Regional Forum – Netherlands & Belgium

We were recently invited to The Class Regional Forum – Netherlands & Belgium by The Class Foundation in Amsterdam to learn and share our experiences regarding the Dutch and Belgian student housing markets.

As it stands, only 12% of student accommodations in the Netherlands, are privately owned and operated which exacerbates the Student Housing Crisis. Maastricht being situated at the Dutch and Belgian boarders means MSU takes on a greater responsibility in looking out for students in the Maastricht vicinity and beyond.

During our time at the forum, we participated in discussions with Loyens & Loeff Tax and Legalities and the Panel Discussion on Internationalisation of the Netherlands and Policy Reform. We rounded off the day by delving into data with Knight Frank, and leave as motivated as ever to fight for the rights of our students.

14/03/2022 Municipality Elections

Our chairman Cheryl recently communicated statements to the Maastricht Diplomat regarding the university and municipality electoral scene in Maastricht. 

Link to Maastricht Diplomat's article:

26/02/2022 Housing

Our chairman Cheryl was recently invited to an interview with Companen (retained by the municipality of Maastricht) to review the current municipal policies for the creation of student housing.

The evaluation of housing division policy (Municipality of Maastricht) report will be made public shortly.