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The Maastricht Student Union was founded by the merging of two other student unions more than a decade ago and has been advocating for student interests in Maastricht ever since. Originally founded as Maastrichtse Studentenraad, it was renamed in 2020 as Maastricht Student Union to reflect the international community within Maastricht.


MSU is an association which aims to give a voice to the student population of Maastricht in all matters concerning student life. The union works to represent all students by working with UM and Zuyd Hogeschool, the municipality, and other third parties to ensure that students’ interests are always represented. MSU also partners with LSVb (a national student union) to ensure that Maastricht students have a voice in the national level too.

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National Student Union - LSVb

MSU is a member of the LSVb.

LSVb is the national student union of the Netherlands and strives to represent student interests on the national level. They have a proud history of successfully lobbying the government to ensure that student interests are always considered.

Find out more about the LSVb here!


Meet the board!

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Cheryl Isabella Lim


Cheryl is a Business Analytics student at Maastricht University. She is the first POC Chairman of a student union in the Netherlands. As Chairman, she handles all portfolios (e.g. Housing, Student Wellbeing, Elections). She also lobbies for students by working with various stakeholders in and beyond Maastricht such as the LSVb, the University of Maastricht and Gemeente Maastricht. 

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Reza Ghasem


Reza is a third year European Studies student at Zuyd Hogeschool. As Secretary he helps ensure smooth communication within the board. He also works on the Dutch Elections Portfolio.

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Lianne Havas


Lianne is a second year International Business student at Maastricht University. As treasurer she ensures the financial wellbeing of MSU. 

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