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Crowd Protesting
Crowd Protesting

Join the MSU Community!

MSU is an association which aims to give a voice to the student population of Maastricht in all matters concerning student life.

We strive to advocate and implement works to increase student representation and betterment of students' lives in Maastricht.


MSU offers 2 membership tiers: General Membership and Active Membership. 

General membership:

The MSU general membership is free and open to both students and working professionals in Maastricht. This membership tier serves to provide an open and safe space for people to voice their thoughts and raise their concerns. General membership allows you to participate in MSU General Assemblies (though participation is not mandatory). This means you will be able to optionally vote on MSU's decision. You will also be granted free access to MSU events such as forums/debates/campaigns and we will strive to implement/sound out any ideas/projects you have in mind. 

General members can request for a Certificate of membership. 


Active membership:

The MSU active membership is free and only open to tertiary students in Maastricht (ie UM, ZUYD, etc..). In general, an active member enjoys the same perks as general members. Active members will be required to join/create a committee of their choice, and attend and vote at MSU's general assemblies. 

Active members will also receive a Certificate of Contribution at the end of the academic year!

Should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form below!

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Business Team

General Member

Interested in joining the MSU community on a flexible basis? 

Join us as a general member now!

Arts & Crafts

Active Member

Keen on representing the student community in advocating for better welfare and treatment?

Join one of our pillar committees now!

Taking Notes

Vacature - Student Researcher

MSU is looking for a Student Researcher for our Housing Portfolio.

Opportunities are part-time occurring primarily during the school year, but can include the Winter semester as well.

There are no specific requirements but we are particularly interested in students who have experience in research and academic writing. 

Preference for Masters / 3rd year students but all students are encouraged to apply regardless of educational background.

Student Researchers will be remunerated on a project-basis and will be discussed with selected candidate(s) at the later stages.

Please fill in the form below; shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email.

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