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MSU Officers

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Cheryl Isabella Lim

Housing and Education Policy Officer

Hi! My name is Cheryl and I handle the Housing and Education portfolios. I also lobby for students by working with various stakeholders in and beyond Maastricht such as the LSVb, the University of Maastricht and Gemeente Maastricht. 


Patricia Ortuño Camacho

Internationalism Officer

Hey there! I am Patricia Ortuño, a third year European Studies student at Maastricht University. As an international student I don't restrict myself to any borders. Likewise, my role in MSU is to bring the organisation to a more international stance by increasing the liasation with UM, ZUYD, and Gemenetee Masstricht.


Raphael Puente

Elections Officer

Hi, my name is Raphael and I am a third year Law student at Maastricht University. As Elections officer, I will be involved in promoting both collegiate and municipal elections.


Lianne Havas

Student Well-being Officer

Hi, my name is Lianne and I represent MSU in the Student Wellbeing portfolio. I work closely with the student wellbeing managers of UM and ZUYD.

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